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Star Trek 05: The Final Frontier
Director: William Shatner
Screenplay: Gene Roddenberry, William Shatner
Producer: Harve Bennett
Cast: Harve Bennett, Cynthia Blaise, Todd Bryant, Charles Cooper, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, David Warner, Laurence Luckinbill
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction

Running Time: 106
Aspect Ratio:  2.35:1 (NTSC )
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround
Subtitles: English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, English - HI
Features: Commentary by director/actor William Shatner and his daughter, Liz Shatner, author of Captain's Log
Production Featurettes: Harve Bennett's Pitch; Makeup Tests; Pre-Visualization Models; Rock Man in the Raw; Press Conference; Behind-the-Scenes documentary
Deleted Scenes
Studio:  Paramount DVD Region:  1 PG
DVD Release:  Oct 2003 Discs:  1 (Blu-ray) [$12.98]
Reviews:  When the newly-christened starship Enterprise's shakedown cruise goes poorly, Captain Kirk and crew put it into Spacedock for repairs. But an urgent mission interrupts their Earth-bound shore leave. A renegade Vulcan named Sybok has taken several ambassadors hostage on the planet Nimbus III, an event which also attracts the attention of a Klingon captain who wants to make a name for himself. Sybok's rag-tag army captures the Enterprise and takes it on a journey to the center of the galaxy in search of the Supreme Being.

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