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The Shaggy Dog
Director: Brian Robbins
Screenplay: Bill Walsh, Cormac Wibberley, Don Tait, Geoff Rodkey, Jack Amiel, Lillie Hayward, Marianne Wibberley
Cast: Tim Allen, Kristin Davis, Craig Kilborn, Zena Grey, Spencer Breslin
Genre: Comedy

Running Time: 98
Aspect Ratio:  1.33:1 (NTSC Widescreen)
Sound: AC-3
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
Studio:  Walt Disney Home Entertainment DVD Region:  1 PG
DVD Release:  Aug 2006 Discs:  1 (DVD) [$14.99]
Reviews:  Tim Allen barks, growls, and slobbers his way through the latest remake of the classic Disney suburban fable "The Shaggy Dog". A mystical long-lived dog is kidnapped from Tibet by a nefarious corporation; when it escapes, it bites aspiring District Attorney Dave Douglas (Allen, "The Santa Clause", "Toy Story"), who finds himself regressing into a dog in the courtroom. There's more to the plot--something to do with creating a youth serum from the dog's blood--but let's face it, that's not what anyone's going to see the movie for, and the "bad dad remembers how to love his family" theme is equally perfunctory. This is all about Allen running around like a dog and a cute sheepdog running around trying to do human things, and the movie does a competent job of playing with that scenario. Allen throws himself into doggieness with amusing abandon. Also featuring Kristin Davis ("Sex and the City"), Spencer Breslin ("The Cat in the Hat"), Jane Curtin ("3rd Rock from the Sun"), Danny Glover ("Lethal Weapon"), and Robert Downey Jr. ("Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", "Wonder Boys"), who seems to be enjoying himself as a nefarious scientist at the nefarious corporation. "--Bret Fetzer"

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