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Somewhere in Time
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Screenplay: Richard Matheson
Producer: Ray Stark, Stephen Deutsch, Steve Bickel
Cast: Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, Christopher Plummer, Teresa Wright, Bill Erwin
Genre: Cult Movies

Running Time: 103
Aspect Ratio:  1.85:1 (NTSC Widescreen)
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Studio:  Universal Studios DVD Region:  1 PG
DVD Release:  Oct 2000 Discs:  1 (Cloud) [$12.98]
Reviews:  My ex-wife and I saw this film when it was released back in 1980. It was the year that we had married. What a glorious and telling movie for a young couple to see. Now twenty-five years later I have got it on DVD. I watched it and it is still the most beautiful love story one can imagine!

It is a love story that transcends time itself because it does span the gap from 1912 to 1979. The ingenius way of doing time travel was marvelous. Mr. Reeves (he died just this weekend) just puts everything out of his mind and focused on 1912 because of the love of his life was from this time. When one considers God and how He created time (because time was just that, a creation) one can somehow feel very comfortable with the fact that time travel is possible. Will we ever travel in time? I don't think so, but who knows, right?

When Reeves reaches the catatonic state at the end of the movie (you must see the film if you have not already) it is very telling because now I had a really bad stroke almost four years ago. A stroke, as with any illness, can tell you what you have missed or gained through this. In my case it was slow in coming since my brain wasn't working properly (and still isn't but alot of it was gained back with time). My wife and I never had a chance to do the things in the film because I didn't have time, or so I thought (yes, it was just me and not my wife; miserable and horrendous me). Now with half a body and no work how can I do the things that Christopher Reeves did?

Somewhere in time will tell!

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