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zjpd1| Daimajin
Japan 1966
Director: Kimiyoshi Yasuda
Screenplay: Tetsuro Yoshida
Producer: Masaichi Nagata
Cast: Miwa Takada, Akira Ifukube, Fujio Morita
Genre: Fantasy

Running Time: 90
Aspect Ratio:  2.35:1 (NTSC )
Sound: Dolby
Subtitles: English
Studio:  Adv Films DVD Region:  1 PG
DVD Release:  Feb 2005 Discs:  1 (Cloud) []
Reviews:  Daimajin (1966) ****


First time I've ever saw this film and instantly and, it seems forever in the middle of an ancient samurai story, I didn't see Daimajin until 70 minutes has past, but the story IS good!

Me, being a Christian, viewed the movie thru redeemed eyes I guess. Like I saw something that resembled Rahab hiding the two spies and letting them down by a rope, tho in the movie it was a "sick house" (hospital) and Rahab was a guy, but "she" still lowered the two "spies."

A woman playing a priestess is like Elijah in 1st Kings 18:20ff, where he called upon God in the midst of Baal's "prophets" and won the day! Of course the priestess (Elijah) called upon Majin (God), and Majin (God) "let the fire down and consumed the priests of Baal," or let the stake driven through the temple of Daimajin, likewise be driven through the heart of evil warlord.

Yea, I know, the likes of Buddha and the gods accompanying him, is like Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai and seeing God's people bowing down to the golden calf of their own creation. We all must keep that afresh in our minds, especially when viewing movies.

Yet Daimajin has it's similarities, but those similarities are not the same as the real stuff of Scripture. Keep that in mind when you view films from anywhere in the world. Even here, when you have films that have a Christian message, even made by Christians for Christians (I think you know what I mean without discussing it).

View through Christ's eyes and things will open up to you in ways that you can't imagine!

~ kevin scott slack

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