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zmu| South Pacific
Director: Joshua Logan
Screenplay: Richard Rodgers
Producer: George P. Skouras
Cast: Rossano Brazzi, Mitzi Gaynor, John Kerr, Ray Walston, Juanita Hall, France Nuyen, Russ Brown, Jack Mullaney, Ken Clark, Floyd Simmons, Candace Lee, Warren Hsieh, Tom Laughlin, Giorgio Tozzi, Francis Kahele, Robert Jacobs, John Gabriel, Ri
Genre: Drama, Musical, Romance

Running Time: 151
Aspect Ratio:  2.35:1 (NTSC )
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: Spanish
Features: Theatrical trailer(s)
Includes Overture, Intermission and Exit Music
Movietone News Trailer
Widescreen letterbox format
Studio:  Twentieth Century Fox DVD Region:  1 NR
DVD Release:  Nov 2006 Discs:  2 (Blu-ray) []
Reviews:  Again, I purchased a Blu-ray edition of…

South Pacific (1958) ****

I love the Pacific, all things it contains but especially World War 2. Recently my studies concern Japan, Formosa and China, yet growing up the strategies, the planes, ships and subs, I wanted to know it all.

I also am familiar with race, seeing that we in the US suffered under the same thing that Hitler did, tons of Japanese all huddled under the internment camps, which would be better put War Criminals! My heart goes out for the Japanese would suffered under that climate. Shame on the US!

“South Pacific” was about race, and all other subjects, such as War, were secondary. Two Americans – which was white in the '40s – and a Polynesian were a no-no during that time. “South Pacific” was a musical that portrayed that racial predudice was rampant in the US, despite “The Civil War” from the Norths perspective.

For me, race doesn't factor into my thinking. What one DOES is the thing, not ones race. Perhaps it is my artistic bent, my “cinema” that made me this way. Hey, I want to marry a good-looking woman from the orient, and I consider Halle Barry quite beautiful.

Yet there are those from my family extended (my parents agree with me) are so steeped in white-superiority it seems, its appalling to me! If I could wipe away all racial thinking from my family-extended, I would.

Now to get a little more of what I thot about “South Pacific,” the score by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II was, to be expected of one who loves musicals, marvelous. Every song I was familiar with and loved.

And the screens that they used on the camera that tinted according to the music was, I thought, quite well done.

All-in-all, “South Pacific” was well done and I encourage you to watch a wonderful film as this!

~ kevin scott slack

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