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zz002h| Creature From The Black Lagoon
Director: Jack Arnold
Screenplay: Harry Essex, Arthur A. Ross
Producer: William Alland
Cast: Richard Carlson, Julie Adams, Richard Denning, Antonio Moreno
Genre: Horror

Running Time: 76
Aspect Ratio:  1.33:1 (NTSC Fullscreen)
Sound: Dolby Digital Mono
Subtitles: Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian
Features: Black and White
Studio:  Universal DVD Region:  1 G
DVD Release:  Jul 2007 Discs:  1 (Cloud) []
Reviews:  Not since the beginning of time has the world beheld terror like this! In this trend-setting classic, a scientific expedition ventures into the upper reaches of the Amazon and discovers a “Gill Man,” a living amphibious missing link. The scientists drug and capture the creature, who becomes enamoured with the head scientist's female assistant. But the lonely creature escapes and kidnaps the object of his affection while she swims seductively in his watery home. The chief scientist launches a crusade to retrieve his assistant and casts the creature back to the black depths from which he came. Well-acted and directed, and with Bud Westmore's brilliantly designed monster, Creature From The Black Lagoon is an enduring tribute to the imaginative genius of its Hollywood creators.

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