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zz17| The Cheyenne Social Club
Director: Gene Kelly
Screenplay: James Lee Barrett, Davis Grubb
Producer: Gene Kelly, James Lee Barrett
Cast: James Stewart, Henry Fonda, Shirley Jones, Sue Ane Langdon, Elaine Devry
Genre: Westerns

Running Time: 103
Aspect Ratio:  (NTSC )
Studio:  Warner Home Video DVD Region:  1 PG
DVD Release:  May 1999 Discs:  1 (VHS Tape) [$9.98]
Reviews:  This 1970 film teams director Gene Kelly with two veteran Hollywood actors in a light romp about two over-the-hill cowboys who inherit a bordello. Henry Fonda and James Stewart dusted off their spurs to team up in this appealing if formulaic western comedy. The two Hollywood legends play aging cowpokes who seem to do nothing but get on each other's nerves as they travel aimlessly through the West. They finally hang their hats at a new home--Stewart's newly acquired bordello, presided over by Shirley Jones. Theirs is an uneasy alliance, as they set up shop and have to deal with the women and their needs. There are some light comic moments as director Gene Kelly keeps everything breezy, so that even the obligatory gunfight at the film's end isn't what one would expect. This is not a classic on the order of other Westerns featuring Stewart and Fonda, but a chance to see two old pros spoofing their own legendary careers and having some fun in the process. "--Robert Lane"

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