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zz52c| The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee
<a class="ipc-metadata-list-item__list-content-item ipc-metadata-list-item__list-content-item--link" rel="" href="/search/title/?country_of_origin=AU&amp, ref_=tt_dt_cn">Australia, <a class="ipc-metadata-list-item__list-content-item ipc-metadata-list-item__list-content-item--link" rel="" href="/search/title/?country_of_origin=US&amp, ref_=tt_dt_cn">United States 2020
Director: Dean Murphy
Screenplay: Robert Mond, Dean Murphy
Producer: Christopher Figg, Robert Mond, Kathy Morgan, Dean Murphy, Sherman Ng, Nigel Odell, Michelle Russell, Louise Shore, Robert Whitehouse
Cast: Dorothy Adams, Trudy Ager, Simone Annan
Genre: Comedy

Running Time: 88
Aspect Ratio:  1h 28min (NTSC )
Studio:  <a class="ipc-metadata-list-item__list-content-item ipc-metadata-list-item__list-content-item--link" rel="" href="/company/co0774949?ref_=tt_dt_co_1">Clock Sounds Productions Pty, <a class="ipc-metadata-list-item__list-content-item ipc-metadata-list-item__list-content-item--link" rel="" href="/company/co0011323?ref_=tt_dt_co_2">Kathy Morgan International, <a class="ipc-metadata-list-item__list-content-item ipc-metadata-list-item__list-content-item--link" rel="" href="/company/co0012413?ref_=tt_dt_co_3">Piccadilly Pictures DVD Region:  1 PG-13
DVD Release:  Discs:  (Cloud) []
Reviews:  Aussie Icon Paul Hogan just wants the quiet life. He lives in Brentwood, California, happy in retirement, content doing the daily crossword and enjoying regular calls from Lucy, his delightful 10-year-old granddaughter in Sydney. So, when his agent drops by to tell him he'll be receiving a knighthood for services to comedy, he is less than impressed by this imposition and much to his agents' chagrin, turns down the offer. Paul attempts to return to his tranquil life but Lucy calls; she has excitedly told kids at her new school that granddad has been offered a Knighthood. They laughed at her. What? Paul realises he needs to get the Knighthood to help her salvage her reputation. After much begging and pleading, his agent reluctantly agrees to call the Palace. The Knighthood is back on. The next six weeks, however, see Hogan's brand totally trashed. Although he is always trying to do the right thing and salvage his quickly diminishing reputation, life is conspiring against him. He's accused of racism when he questions the reality of Will Smith playing his son in Dundee 4. He gets caught brawling with an ill-mannered Dundee impersonator on Hollywood Boulevard. He has to step in for no-show John Travolta at a charity "Grease" duet with Olivia Newton John, which enrages the die-hard "Grease" fans. He finds himself in a car with the world's most unexpected Uber Driver and running from the law, and that's just the beginning. The media are having a field day as the headlines write themselves. With his granddaughter lost for words at his antics and Paul now a regular punchline on talk shows, he has some big decisions to make. Can he please everyone or does family always come first? Paul's simple life has become hell for him - but great fun for us.

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