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Director: Richard Attenborough
Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Geraldine Chaplin, Paul Rhys, Anthony Hopkins, Dan Aykroyd
Genre: Art House & International

Running Time: 143
Aspect Ratio:  1.85:1 (NTSC Widescreen)
Sound: Dolby
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Studio:  Lions Gate DVD Region:  1 PG-13
DVD Release:  Oct 2008 Discs:  1 (Cloud) [$14.98]
Reviews:  Sir Richard Attenborough's biographical film of the life and times of Charles Chaplin is a little thin as a narrative, but it is so charmingly creative and ultimately moving, it's hard to care about any deficits. Robert Downey Jr. does an excellent job re-creating Chaplin's graceful slapstick and getting inside the silent-film superstar's head over many years of triumph, defeat, scandal, official persecution, exile, and inner peace. A huge cast portray the allies, friends, lovers, and enemies in Chaplin's life, including Moira Kelly as his final, longtime wife, Oona, Kevin Kline as Douglas Fairbanks, Geraldine Chaplin as Charlie's mother, and James Woods as a prosecutor working hard to nail Chaplin for anti-American sentiments. Attenborough declines to tell the story in a flat, linear way, employing such clever techniques as detailing one chapter in Chaplin's life as a silent comedy. The climactic scene set at an Oscar tribute for Chaplin will get the tears flowing. "--Tom Keogh"

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