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Director: Frank Tashlin
Screenplay: Frank Tashlin
Producer: Ernest D. Glucksman, Jerry Lewis
Cast: Jerry Lewis, Ed Wynn, Judith Anderson, Henry Silva, Robert Hutton
Genre: Comedy, Romantic

Running Time: 91
Aspect Ratio:  1.85:1 (NTSC )
Sound: Mono
Studio:  Paramount DVD Region:  1 See all certifications
DVD Release:  Discs:  1 (Cloud) []
Reviews:  Jerry is the stepson in a snooty family, dominated by wicked stepmother Judith Anderson and lounge-lizard brothers Henry Silva and Robert Hutton. Fairy godfather Ed Wynn turns up one day, not only promising "Fella" a happy-ever-after but basically accusing the old fairy tale of ruining the lives of countless married couples by raising unrealistic expectations of Prince Charmings in every home. The movie's very slow--especially whenever Ed Wynn is around--and has a strange taste for "interior monologue" songs, emphasizing the mawkish side of Lewis's personality. The good comic scenes are worth it, especially a lengthy sequence at an elongated dinner table, which Lewis must navigate repeatedly. His physical skills are showcased in a musical mime to Count Basie's "Cute" and some violently geeky dancing. This one is unlikely to win over non-Jerry Lewis fans, but the already initiated will be fine with it.


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