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Deep Impact
Director: Mimi Leder
Screenplay: Bruce Joel Rubin, Michael Tolkin
Producer: D. Scott Easton, David Brown, Joan Bradshaw, Richard D. Zanuck, Steven Spielberg
Cast: Robert Duvall, Téa Leoni, Elijah Wood, Morgan Freeman, Vanessa Redgrave
Genre: Action & Adventure

Running Time: 120
Aspect Ratio:  2.35:1 (NTSC Widescreen)
Sound: Dolby
Subtitles: English
Studio:  Paramount DVD Region:  1 PG-13
DVD Release:  Oct 2004 Discs:  1 (Cloud) []
Reviews:  A re-make of George Pal’s “When Worlds Collide” made in 1951. Like the first one it took the Biblcal story of Noah’s Ark and made it for today. At least that is what the filmmakers want you to believe. Did either film measure up to God’s standard?

In “When Worlds Collide” we have the destruction of the whole earth with only a spaceship (ark) when all of its passengers and animals escaping. True to the telling of Noah’s Ark and we get pretty much what God intended.

Is “Deep Impact” just as accurate? Does the earth melt away? A portion of it does in a tidal wave but the earths inhabitants, most of them, do live. Is that a true telling of Noah’s Ark? No! It has a lot of the elements there, the line of animals two by two (funny how they missed seven by seven too since that is, partly, how it occured, but the older film missed that), and the allusions drawn from scripture used by the President but it is because the living inhabitants of the earth are still there!


Unlike the first one this has a Messiah. It is the name of a spaceship taking the crew up to see if they can nuke the comet. Of course they can’t. Or can they the second time around? That is what they do but each individual on that ship loses his or her life. They lose their lives for a good cause though.

So in a sense “Deep Impact” has more to tell of the Biblical story than the “When Worlds Collide.” It tells the story from the New Testament of the final Redemption, the Messiah Jesus Christ!

Of course they leave out the Resurrection but so do a lot of Baptists, Methodist and, yes, Presbyterians since they so seldom mention it in their sermons. We need to start mentioning that and see how things in this world change for the better!

Is “When Worlds Collide” more accurate than “Deep Impact”? “Deep Impact” tells a further Biblical story but leaves out the Resurrection so I can say both are pretty much Biblical history but for that one caveat.

It is the “beyond,” the Resurrection, that I want!

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