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Flame in the Wind
Director: Katherine Stenholm
Genre: Video

Running Time:
Aspect Ratio:  (NTSC )
Studio:  Unusual Films DVD Region:  1
DVD Release:  Discs:  (VHS Tape) []
Reviews:  "Set in the splendor and terror of the Spanish Inquisition." So says Unusual Films. Rather good for a University production -- Bob Jones University. Of course it was made before I went there and yes, I started out with a Cinama major which I wish I had stayed with but alas, something caught my eye and I followed it, even marrying it! Perhaps you will not get the enjoyment out of it as I did, but hey, at least I can say I was a part of UF. Oh, Mrs. Stenholm, the director of their earlier productions, which this is one, one day while working at a mens & ladies high-end shop, Mrs. Stenholm came in while "Chariots of Fire" was playing on the Musac system that we had. She stoped, recognized me, listened, and said "beautiful music." Well, BJU didn't allow going to a theater because they didn't agree with it, sayig that it was unscriptural, and Mrs. Stenholm was head of UF, part of BJU and, although I was out of school for the year, was hoping to get back and finish my degree, I hemed and hawed and I sheepishly said yes, it was beautiful music. She responded with "did you see the movie?" Like a lamb to the slaughter I said yes, to which she replyed "wasn't it wonderful?"

UF and BJU dosen't see eye to eye it seems!

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