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jrd| The Sum of All Fears
Director: Phil Alden Robinson
Cast: Ben Affleck, James Cromwell
Genre: Action & Adventure

Running Time: 123
Aspect Ratio:  2.35:1 (NTSC Widescreen)
Sound: Dolby
Subtitles: English
Studio:  Paramount DVD Region:  1 PG-13
DVD Release:  Oct 2002 Discs:  (Cloud) [$9.98]
Reviews:  It's not easy replacing Harrison Ford as a beloved screen hero, but Ben Affleck brings fresh vitality to "The Sum of All Fears", reviving Paramount's Tom Clancy franchise in the role Ford made famous. As CIA agent Jack Ryan, Affleck is a rookie in the covert ranks, unraveling a plot that lures Russian and American superpowers into a nuclear standoff, while a neofascist faction turns most of Baltimore into an atomic wasteland and holds the world in the grip of a terrorist nightmare. Affleck combines sharp intelligence with a new-guy's perspective, while a senior agent (Morgan Freeman) passes the torch of back-channel authority. The result is one of the best Clancy films to date, ably helmed by Phil Alden Robinson (whose comic thriller "Sneakers" was sorely underrated) with a stellar supporting cast, and adapted with abundant humor, humanity, and thrills by "Donnie Brasco" screenwriter Paul Attanasio and cowriter Daniel Pyne. Even the typically reticent Clancy would approve. "--Jeff Shannon"

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