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Director: Eric Till
Screenplay: Bart Gavigan, Camille Thomasson
Producer: Alexander Thies, Bart Gavigan, Brigitte Rochow, Christian P. Stehr, Dennis A. Clauss
Cast: Joseph Fiennes, Bruno Ganz, Peter Ustinov, Alfred Molina, Jonathan Firth
Genre: Drama

Running Time: 123
Aspect Ratio:  1.85:1 (NTSC Widescreen)
Sound: AC-3
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Studio:  MGM (Video & DVD) DVD Region:  1 PG-13
DVD Release:  Nov 2004 Discs:  1 (DVD) [$14.98]
Reviews:  Like "The Passion of the Christ", "Luther" is the story of a spiritual leader, German monk Martin Luther (Joseph Fiennes), in opposition to the religious orthodoxy of the time (in his case, the 1500s). His goal--to bring God to the people and to take money, fear, and shame out of the equation--made him a reformer to some, a heretic to others. Released around the same time as Mel Gibson's blockbuster, it failed to attract the same degree of attention--or controversy. Granted, it's a different film, but not radically so. Directed by Eric Till ("Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace"), "Luther" isn't always easy to follow or as emotionally involving as it could be. That said, it's a fascinating story and Fiennes receives solid support from Alfred Molina ("Frida"), Bruno Ganz ("Wings of Desire"), and the late Sir Peter Ustinov ("Spartacus"), in his final film role, as Frederick the Wise. "--Kathleen C. Fennessy"

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