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Milltown Pride
Director: Tim Rogers
Screenplay: David Burke
Producer: Darren Lawson
Genre: Drama

Running Time:
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Studio:  Unusual Films DVD Region:  1 PG
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Reviews:  By Unusual Films, made by Bob Jones University (BJU) students of which I was one in the late '70s. (Tho I attended BJU and came at the end of "Sheffy," I find my favorite UF to be "Flame in the Wind," a film made before "Sheffy.") "Milltown Pride" is their latest which I own (mainly because Ken Hines, my best friend at BJU, was the Best Man at my wedding, played the coach). Does it hold up in my opinion?

Yes and no (which I assume would be any reviewers first huddle to overcome).

It is nice to see UF keeping up with the Jones (not Bob Jones) in the quality of the production. Use of steady-cams and the like made it seem like I was watching a Hollywood film. Hats off to Mr. Rogers, the Director.

Yet my yes is turned into a no because of the content. The Christian message is there but couched in so much Temperance Movement that we had in the late 1920s to the early 1930s: the abject horror, it seems, at the liquid devil, alcohol.

Christians one and all, there is alcohol, wine, beer and strong drink in Scripture in a favorable light to give countenance to the negative position that this film portrays.

I mean there is one Feast in the Old Testament that favors not just wine but strong drink, which means in modern parlance vodka, whisky and the like! Look it up. You would be surprised!

Over-indulgence is what the Scriptures say is forbidden and it also says over-indulgence in eating too which, I am sure, will shut up most of the mouths against imbibbing alcholol.

So would I recommend this film to anyone? Yes, but with a fair warning up above.

(Now where is my Martini)

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