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Director: Gore Verbinski
Producer: Bruce Cohen, Tony Ludwig, Alan Riche
Cast: Nathan Lane, Lee Evans, Christopher Walken, Vicki Lewis, Maury Chaykin
Genre: Comedy

Running Time: 98
Aspect Ratio:  1.85:1 (NTSC Widescreen)
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 (English/German/Swedish)
Subtitles: English, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian
Features: Teaser Trailer
Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor
4 Page Booklet with Production Notes
Studio:  Paramount DVD Region:  1 PG
DVD Release:  Dec 1997 Discs:  1 (DVD) []
Reviews:  Who's hunting who? This hit comedy that critics call a roaring good time for kids and adults is a delight, as down-on-their-luck brothers Lars and Ernie Smuntz (Nathan Lane and Lee Evens) inherit a crumbling old mansion t that they dont think much of until they discover that it is actually worth millions ! But before they cash in, theyve got to rid the house of its single, stubborn occupant: a tiny and tenacious mouse. What might seem like childs play becomes an epic battle of hysterical proportions!

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