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Comments: I saw this on TV around 1975 and thoroughly loved it! Abraham, played by Alan Arkin, has two young boys (his wife died 4 years ago) in a dank Puerto Rican village in, I think New York. He works 3 jobs just to provide for his sons in a run down apartment building. He holds no hope that his sons will do much better when they grow up, so he saves enough to school them, and move to Miami, put them into a rickety boat and makes it like they are coming from Cuba, just to be adopted by a rich family. That is how much he loves them. Oh, you have to see “Popi.” So much mistakes, hardships, heartbreaks along the way, but it is heartwarming to see what Alan Arkin goes through all along the way.

Director: Arthur Hiller
Screenplay: Tina Pine, Lester Pine
Producer: Herbert B. Leonard
Cast: Alan Arkin, Rita Moreno
Genre: Drama, Comedy

Running Time: 1 hour, 53 minutes
Aspect Ratio:  1.85:1 ( )
Studio:  United Artists DVD Region:  G
DVD Release:  Jan 1969 Discs:  (Quicktime) []

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